Nip and tuck

Nip and tuck are Britain’s cheapest electrical resources

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Nip and tuck are Britain’s cheapest electrical resources

► MG updates his electric estate 25k (est) for your dash above
Up to a range of 249 miles
► The most annoying car for sale is still running

MG has changed the styling of Britain’s most affordable and annoying electric estate car. Facelift brings a smooth EV-style nose with a more prominent charging port.

The entire front edge – the lower bumper, the headlights and the lower ‘air intake’ are very tweaked. Another notable feature is the flap above the charging port. Decided to create a feature of the MG and the central id is clearly visible above the number plate – there is no fine port of the port behind the MG badge.


If you are interested in a MG5, we bet you will always carry a tape measure with you to measure boot size. Fortunately MG said that the boot space on the outgoing model has not changed.

There are 479 liter seats and 1,367 liters when you throw them all on the floor.

Power, range, charging time etc.
The battery offer is also unchanged from the outgoing model. This means that two will be chosen. The 61.1kWh version offers a 249 mile range and the 51kWh model comes with a 199 mile range.

The former will be available from the launch and the latter will be followed soon. Both are powered by the same 154bhp motor with 260Nm of torque.


Hello Google …
Thanks to the partnership with Google, 5 should be connected and be able to provide real-time information and stream music on topics like traffic, parking spots and weather.

Saying ‘Hi MG’ while driving, or using the smartphone app while away from the car, you will be able to control various things from a distance.


The brand’s new connectivity system, known as iSMART, is one of the first 5 MGs in the line.

The price of the MG5 has not been finalized yet and will be confirmed near the UK launch in the first quarter of 2022 but it will start at € 30,000 (£ 25,497) – the same as the outgoing car.

Nip and tuck

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