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New Ferrari Daytona SP3 revealed:-car news

car news

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 revealed:-car news


Anyone naively thinking the recent 812 Competizione might be some kind of V12 swansong didn’t have to wait long to be proved wrong. Hot on its heels comes the limited-run Daytona SP3, a stunning tribute to Maranello’s sports car racing glories of the 1960s and its first mid-engined V12 since the hybrid LaFerrari. Offered only to Ferrari’s most loyal clients, the SP3 follows the SP1 and SP2 Monza barchettas as the third Icona model

At 2 million euros it is the most expensive Icona yet. It’ll also be built in greater numbers (599 units versus 499 for the Monza) because its global road legality (the windscreen-less Monzas were impossible to homologate in some territories) opens it up to more clients. Deliveries will begin in late 2022 (the last Monza cars are being built now; the SP3 will use the same line), with production continuing through 2023 to 2024.

All 599 are already spoken for, but there’s hope – Ferrari has confirmed the Icona series is here to stay. All will be design-led riffs on the most vibrant and emotive chapters in Maranello’s almost uniquely evocative history, or ‘drawn from the past while remaining visionary’, as chief design officer Flavio Manzoni eloquently puts it.


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