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New car news Genesis GV60: the drifting: wireless charging EV

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New car news Genesis GV60: the drifting: wireless charging EV

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► Specs and details of new Genesis EV
► It has a drift and boost modes!
► Plus, wireless charging is on the cards

Genesis has revealed more details about its new GV60 electric crossover, which will be part of the European range from 2022. It is one of the brands of future EVs with G80 Electrified (which has already been confirmed) and GV70 Electrified (which has not yet been done).


The new GV60 delivers a slimmer, Posher electric car using Hyundai Motor Group’s e-GMP battery and platform technology.

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That, er … interesting!

Such as each Genesis model. This medium-sized crossover has a distinct lack of conventional vents according to the Genesis standard, although the powertrain is provided below. But hints of the brand’s design remain – the ‘crest grille’ has been moved to the bottom of the front bumper, and the quad headlights remain. A clamshell bonnet hides some of the car’s electronics and, presumably, a place to store your charging cable. Genesis also points to the ‘volt’ motif of the C-pillar.


The inside is equally dazzling. A ‘floating’ center console with leather loads, large screens and digital dials is a lot like the Ioniq 5.



But, more importantly, the GV60 introduces some trick details that the Hyundai or Kia’s EV6 don’t get. The ‘crystal sphere’, for a start, is a glowing glass ball that acts as the shifter for drive and reverse. When the car is off, you get to see a backlit crystal ball that then flips when the car is on.



Genesis also points out that the GV60 has facial recognition cameras on the door pillars to allow access without a key, and biometric fingerprint scanners (that didn’t work during our video conference demonstration – whoops) to start the car – again, without a key. Digital camera mirrors will be offered, with viewing screens inset into the doors.


The e-GMP platform underneath also means a flat floor, a floating centre console and loads of rear passenger space.



e-GMP underneath, you say?

Absolutely, which has already fascinated us with the efforts of Kia and Hyundai. Each GV70 will have a 77.4kWh battery pack, and will have rear and all-wheel drive variants.


The rear-drive version has 225bhp and 258lb feet from its single e-motor, the Genesis promises 280 miles on a single charge.


There are also two all-wheel drive versions. The first makes 314bhp and 446lb feet, good for a 249 mile range. Second, the performance variant develops 429bhp and 446lb feet, and Genesis says it is capable of 229 miles on a single charge.



With the power variant, Genesis further states that your GV60 may have a boost mode button, which increases the power for a small blast of 10 seconds, giving a time of 0-62mph for four seconds. There is also a drift mode something rather unreasonable for a predictable EV that allows the right amount of power to be distributed between the front and rear e-motors so that the GV60 can slide.

New car news

What about charging?

In terms of e-GMP underpinning, the GV60 can be charged in a 400 or 800-volt architecture, with a charging capacity of up to 350kW. Genesis claims that the fastest chargers can charge 10 to 80 percent in 20 minutes. There’s also a ‘go loading’ functionality (again like the Ioniq 5 and EV6) that lets you plug in devices inside and outside the car.

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