most five popular

most five popular electric cars in the world  Nissan Leaf from Tesla Model 3


most five popular electric cars in the world

One by one, various car manufacturers around the world are bringing their popular electric models of cars to the market. Automobile companies are competing with each other every moment to get a place in the list of customers’ favorites. On the other hand, some people who are aware of the environment are gradually turning away from fossil fuel powered vehicles and showing more interest in buying electric cars. Therefore, in terms of sales, electric cars are a few steps ahead of fossil fuel-powered cars in the world market at the moment. A recent report released a list of the world’s best and fastest selling cars. Let’s see which model of car of which company has got a place in this list.



Tesla Model 3


Tesla is one of the most popular electric vehicles in the world. Already, several models of the company have received the title of the fastest car. The first name in that list is the Tesla Model 3 car. The US company sells an average of 2.15 lakh units of this car every year. Tesla is also planning to bring this car to the Indian market.



Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV


The size of the small electric car is 300 km on a single charge. The car sells an average of 1,25,925 units per year in the Chinese market at an average of 14 per hour. The car has recently reached the milestone of selling 4 lakh units.


Tesla Model Y


Tesla’s third car model Y is in the third place of the list. This car is the second best car in the company. More than 11 of these cars are sold every hour. The average number of car sales per year is 1 lakh. The car is available in three different models. Its standard model gives a range of 455 km on a single charge.


Nissan Leaf


This car from the Japanese company is the main competitor of Tesla Model 3. Although it lags far behind in sales and popularity compared to Tesla cars. It is one of the oldest electric cars in the world. An average of 85.98 units of Nissan Leaf are sold at 10 per hour per year. The car was recently gifted to Kapil Dev, one of the former captains of the Indian cricket team, on the occasion of World Environment Day.


BAIC EU-Series


The car of this Chinese company is in the fifth place in the list of popular electric cars. However, BAIC did not respond well to the electric car market. But it has taken place in the list of the best electric cars in terms of sales. On an average, 85,333 units of the EU-series car are sold each year.


Note that the Hyundai Kona is in the eighth place in this list of the best electric cars in the world. This is the company’s first electric SUV car. This car is also available in the Indian market. Hyundai sells an average of 52,174 units per year at an average of 6 per hour

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