Light update

Light update inside and out New Ford Focus 2021

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Light update

More technology inside, minor changes outside

► Prices start at 22,465

Ford’s comeback, its focus. For 2021. the family hatch has been given updates, tweaks and a lighter look to help it stay fresh and competitive against the competition.

Really understandable – a new Astra from Vauxhall, a new 308 from Peugeot and tech rivals from the premium edge of the market will hold the focus.

Ford follows this for a very long time after doing the same thing with the Foesta Supermini, so take out your Facelift Bingo card these days for the classic features of a new look.

Focus Active Estate Rear

Ford says the Trend, Titanium, ST-Line and slightly-more rugged Active versions will be available for the five-door hatch and the Estate version. Fortunately, Viganley has taken the back seat; It has been relegated to launch as a personalization pack that adds something more than just a baseless wheel design. ST remains the same – scroll down for more details on that

Focus Estate Wet Zone

The load area of the estate version has also been changed, with a new adjustable boot floor and a ‘wet zone’ lined to separate it from the load area with water-resistant material and a divider.

More Electrified Engines – Check It Out!

Ford says there’s a wide rollout of its EcoBoost hybrid engines here, developing only the lightest hybrid এখানে there’s no HEV or PHEV 1. the 1.0-liter mild hybrid engine develops 123 or 152bhp. There is also a base model, the non-light-hybrid 1.0-liter. Ford claims up to 51.4mpg and up to 116g / km from the affordable petrol version. If you still set the diesel, Ford provides; A 1.5-liter Echo Blue diesel is available, producing 118bhp and the

Shiny technology inside – check it out!

Revised Focus introduces a new, much larger infotainment screen called the SYNC 4-OS that was first available on the Mustang Mac E.

This means that the button configuration of the dashboard has been cleared, the climate controls have been moved to the screen, rather further down the physical switchgear.

Leaving ST alone – Bingo!

Yes, Ford is done with the ST, which we’re happy with. With light visual changes inside and new technology outside, Ford didn’t make a fuss over the basic recipe.


Focus St. 2021

This means a 2.3-liter turbocharged Echo Boost version, available with a six-speed manual or seven-speed auto, develops at 276bhp and 310lb feet. A track mode with manual ‘box version, bespoke alloys and drive mode selector.

So what is the new focus?

Prices for the original Trend hatchback start at £ 22,465, the Titanium at £ 23,715 and the ST-Line will refund you £ 33,885.l

Light update

Light update

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