Chaos Ultracar:

Chaos Ultracar: This car is powered by small rocket power

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Chaos Ultracar: This car is powered by small rocket power, strength and technology

Supercar or hypercar  a large number of cars in the world fall into this category. This type of car is built with the latest style and technology. Matters such as high-efficiency are deeply involved. Ultracar, however, changed all his ideas about how powerful a car could be, rising one step above supercars and hypercars.


All four-wheeled land vessels that can run at speeds of up to 300 miles (483 kilometers) per hour are considered to be in this rare ultracar class. SP Automotive, a Greek startup, has recently demanded the launch of the world’s first ultracar with a capacity of 3,000 horsepower. That infinitely powerful car has been named ‘Chaos’. In Bengali it means chaos.

Chaos Ultracar is made with the most expensive and strongest components in the world. The car is made of titanium, carbon fiber, Kevlar, and xylon. Xylon, the most powerful man-made fiber, has been used in the monochromatic structure of cars. In addition, various parts of the car are built in 3D (3D) or three-dimensional printing method.

The Chaos Ultracar is powered by a twin-turbocharged V10 engine. There is a special hybrid assist technology to make it fit. The car comes in Earth and more powerful Zero Gravity versions. Earth version is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kmph in 1.9 seconds. And the Zero Gravity model takes less than 1.5 seconds to reach the same speed. The advantage of hybrid assist is only in this model. Both versions have an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The amount of power that Chaos Ultracar has the capacity to generate, it is believed that all records of speed will be broken. It will try to break SSC Tuatara’s record of 26.1 mph top speed and Rimac Nevera’s quarter-mile in 6.56 seconds, according to the manufacturer.

By now you must have realized that Chaos Ultracar is not for the public. Only multi-millionaires and billionaires have the ability to buy this car and keep it in the garage. Prices for the base Earth version of the Chaos will start at ৩ 6.3 million (approximately Rs. 469.2 million). On the other hand, the Advanced Zero Gravity model will be priced at around ১৪ 14.3 million, in Indian currency which is over Rs.100 crore. Only one hundred Chaos Ultracars will be available worldwide Depending on the demand, 15-20 cars will be produced annually.

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