Audi GrandSphere concept

Audi GrandSphere concept: Ingolstadt upgrades to first class


Audi GrandSphere concept

Audi has built a private jet for the road. It is the GrandSpire, a huge, autonomous battery-electric concept car designed to push the brand from the business class and into the luxury car sector.

The new concept car gives a new design direction for Audi and introduces how it will provide Level 4 autonomy in the coming years. While that’s just an idea, the GrandSphere is expected to replace the A8 saloon by 2025.

Read on for your full GrandSphere defrif.

Tell me about that design!
The five-door Neo-GT Grandsphere, which will eventually replace the A8 saloon, measures 5350 mm in length (it’s only one touch longer than the Bentley Flying Spar), it is a full two meters wide, like a sports car at the bottom. 1390 mm low and 3190 mm reveals a huge wheelbase.

Grandsphere Grill


From the front, the ‘singleframe’ grille (at least every decade’s Audi marker) adopts a different design, sitting like a stuffed black plastic fish behind a large transparent panel. The huge windscreen blends seamlessly with an equally large panoramic roof, the once-sharp quatro blisters eventually develop into the right muscle cord, and to the rear, the slim rear lights carry the BMW Z8 and Jaguar F-type overtones.

Combined with the overall splendor is the impressive 223-inch wheel inspired by the Audi Avas design exercise of 1 231. They are shod with Pirellis, and the rims can be fitted with drag-reducing clip-on carbon fiber arrow blades. The show car boasts a suicidal back door and a columnless entrance to create that alluring theatrical lounge effect.

grandsphere re

‘I’ve designed hundreds of cars, but I haven’t been so proud of my work so far in introducing the GrandSpier concept,’ Audi’s design boss, Mark Leach, told CAR.


grandsphere interior

Don’t feel like sleeping? Then instead check out the full width projection zone that was formerly known as the dashboard, which provides an on-demand access, say, a video conference, a movie run, takes you on a trip to your destination or displays a virtual surface of your choice. Like the current A8, the next-generation model can certainly double as a good old-fashioned driver car.

‘Usually, when we design a new model, we start with the exterior,’ Lichte explains. “This time, of course, the car has been designed from the inside.”

So … how’s the interior, then?
Enter the huge cockpit through the rear hinged door into a leather-free space where recycled materials and wood veneers are made from ‘sustainable farming’ hornbeam trees. The seats are quite reclining where you feel like you are sleeping on a long distance flight after a second glass claret.

Audi GrandSphere concept: Ingolstadt upgrades to first class

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